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  • PROs pay once every 3 months, your label every 6 – but you earned your money 6 to 9 months ago when your works played. On top of that, opportunities, life moments and bills seem to be on a different schedule.

    Open On Sunday allows you to get cash, when you need it. For example, you’ve been working with an amazing new artist and need $20,000 to finish off a couple tracks, create some buzz and negotiate an artist deal from a position of strength. You decide to take control by selling a portion of your catalog to Open On Sunday. 3 months later, after signing a $100k advance deal, you buy back your catalog from Open On Sunday and own more of your these future hits because you had the power to make it happen. Welcome to Open On Sunday!

  • What’s the number one thing your artist and creative clients want? Money. Whether it’s for their personal consumption or investing in themselves, they are always asking you to get, find or magically make appear “more money”. Time to #BeTheHero.

    Get them signed up on Open On Sunday, request a quote and amaze them with how much cash is available. The next time when they need money, all you have to do is remind them to #UnlockTheirVault and take control. Now you have the time to plan the next tour, organize an upcoming press junket or close that sponsorship deal. Welcome to Open On Sunday!

  • You’re like no other business person on the planet. Your job is to find, develop, promote and support the world’s next great artists, songwriters and producers – and do all of this with stretched budgets. It’s time to unlock the equity you’ve created in your business and #AdvanceYourself. No more scrounging for money to pay advances, finish off key projects or kick start a tour. Go to Open On Sunday and use your catalog of masters and publishing rights to #UnlockYourVault. You chose how much to sell, so you control your finances. And the No Haggle Buyback Option allows you to use your catalog as a source of bridge financing. Welcome to Open On Sunday!

  • You already have a 360 deal. With yourself. But who is going to finance the next stage of your career. Why not you? At Open On Sunday, you can use your historical success to finance your future success by building your brand today. Whether it’s putting down the money to kick off a new tour, self financing a new album or buying the house you always dreamed of, Open On Sunday allows you to #UnlockYourBlessings and take control. We only take an ownership interest in your past works, so your future endeavors are all yours. And with the No Haggle Buyback Option, you can buy back your catalog from us without worry. Welcome to Open On Sunday!

  • Are you facing tremendous pressure from short-term financial problems due to bankruptcy, unpaid bills, divorce/alimony, or back taxes? Just need to settle things down so you can live in peace again? Open On Sunday allows you to use the equity in your catalog as . . . . equity. We aren’t a lender or a payday advance company so you don’t have to worry about additional financial obligations and a total loss of near term income. We’re the opposite. When you sell a portion of your catalog to Open On Sunday, you don’t have additional financial obligations. You just get cash, when you need it. Welcome to Open On Sunday!